Health on Site Consultancy Program

health on site
consultancy program

The Health on Site Consultancy Program aims to educate and empower individuals to take responsibility for their health through personalised health action plans which are developed in consultation with the individual and supported by the employer.

The concept of placing a physiotherapist on site to help companies reduce lost time injuries is not unique. Most commonly, such programs are centred around providing ‘hands on’ physiotherapy treatment to staff, often with the undesirable side-effect of increasing reliance on passive treatment options.

While there may well be a place for hands on treatment in certain instances, the key to long-term health and wellbeing is the participation of staff in active management strategies and the promotion of health literacy – the ability of an individual to identify, access, understand and use high quality healthcare information. This approach to injury prevention and management is at the core of this new on site consultancy program developed by our physiotherapists at nb&a group.


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For further information about our Health on Site Consultancy Program please contact us via email using the link below, or telephone 08 8352 6344.

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