Mental Health Job Analysis

mental health task analysis

Mental Health Task Analysis provides individuals, employers, case managers and treating health professionals with valuable information about the workplace environment and the work demands of duties from a mental health and cognitive perspective.

Mental Health Task Analysis ideally takes place in the workplace. The individual is engaged in the process to assess their current symptoms and the impact on function. This includes the individual’s injury, diagnosis and treatment using a semi-structured interview.

Recognised evidence based mental health assessment tools are used to assess the workplace and the impact of that workplace on the individual. The workplace and tasks are assessed in terms of their cognitive and mental health demands on the individual.

A comprehensive report is produced which outlines the requirements of the role, alongside the individual’s current capacity and abilities. Conclusions from this can then be drawn including recommendations regarding possible treatment options, recommendations regarding a sustainable placement and return to work process and/or a graduated return to work schedule.

The process is collaborative and, provided the individual grants authority, the occupational therapist in mental health will consult with the treating medical team including psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners, rehabilitation providers or any other medical expert.

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