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A critical factor for business success is employee health, wellbeing and resilience. Training employees in this area will ensure they are educated and skilled in positive workplace culture.


Stress, anxiety, self-doubt, risk-aversive thinking and negativity are natural parts of work life; we are wired to detect problems, focus on issues and shy away from challenging situations.  From an evolutionary perspective, these thoughts, feelings and behaviours helped us to survive but in the context of the modern workplace, they often create undue angst, distractibility and distress.  In the context of the current work environment, where constant change and pressure has become the norm, developing skills to handle challenging situations and bounce back from adversity has become essential.


Grounded in foundations of positive psychology, mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment therapy, the aim of wellbeing and resilience training is to develop self-awareness, hone constructive self-talk, build presence and enhance connection with purpose and values, with the overarching goal of bolstering resilience and engagement.

A critical factor for business success is employee health, wellbeing and resilience. Building this through training underpins workplace culture to drive employee health, recovery from illness or injury and business outcomes.

Wellbeing and resilience training will provide your organisation with a dashboard for wellbeing at work.

Topics available

Please contact us if you are interest in these topics:

  • Focussed attention - mindfulness
  • Purpose in mind


We are continually evolving our training options and would be more than happy to discuss customised training for your organisation.

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