Natalie Bialowas, Rehabilitation Consultant

Bianca Hawkins
Mental Health Consultant/Coach

Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences
Master of Nursing
Mediation Level 1
Mental Health First Aid trained


Critical thinking and analysis are key skills when working in mental health and Bianca brings these expertly to her work in this area. She provides a high-quality service by integrating best practice and research to facilitate creative solutions.

With a background as a registered nurse and mental health clinician, Bianca has valuable insight into, and first-hand knowledge of, the importance of suitable assessment, building rapport, fostering open communication and taking appropriate action, building trust and engagement with clients. She works alongside all stakeholders to develop and implement thoughtful plans and programs and looks for innovative ways to assist clients that are both beneficial and sustainable.

Bianca’s enthusiasm for continuous learning ensures she delivers the most up-to-date, relevant and valuable solutions. Her work in development and implementation of a psychological claims model with the focus on improving outcomes for all attests to this. Bianca is focused on achieving the most desirable results possible.

Passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge, Bianca has lectured in the field of nursing and mental health in both New Zealand and South Australia. Further to this, her clinical work in mental health has seen Bianca engage with communities and health providers to support clients and their families. She brings this same educator mindset to her work with individuals, instructing and guiding them for superior investment in their own wellbeing.

An exceptional, skilled and well-rounded consultant, Bianca will explore every avenue to bring about understanding, commitment and positive change in those she works with.

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