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allied health services (occupational therapy assessments)

Our allied health team consisting of experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists is able to provide a range of services.

We provide evidence based assessments and reports which take into account the individual’s circumstances and focus on return to work and ongoing support.

nb&a group prides itself on its professionalism and timeliness in completing these services:

Task Analysis

Assesses pre injury or alternate duties including determining capacity of the individual to undertake duties and individual tasks.

Mental Health Job Analysis

Using a variety of Model of Human Occupation (MoHO) tools the consultant interviews an individual with mental health concerns to identify the psychosocial and environmental variables that may influence their ability to return to work.

Worksite Assessment

Provides an occupational therapy overview of the individual's workplace and is personalised to the role.

Graduated Return to Work Schedule

Maximises the individual's ability to return to work using a highly structured, goal orientated and individualised program.



Activities of Daily Living

Conducted in home to assess the level of functioning relative to home based activities.

Ergonomic/Workstation Assessment

Including education in correct work practices and can include making modifications to the workstation environment or to the tasks being completed.

Manual Handling Training

Tailored to the specific needs and tasks of the workplace and delivered one on one or in group settings.

Ergonomic Training

Provides training on the principles of ergonomics, ergonomic exercises and musculoskeletal health for a healthier, happier workplace.

Home Modifications

Assesses the individual's home environment and prescribing modifications in accordance with the Australian Standards to enable safe and independent access throughout the individual's home and garden.


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