Freedom to Move - Pain education

self-management through
pain education

Freedom to Move is an award-winning education program based on the science of pain and designed to help people heal.

Every pain experience is unique, and there is strong evidence that understanding why it hurts can lead to long-term benefit. Freedom to Move is based on research from the neuroscience of pain and the book Explain Pain.

Through a series of personalised sessions, our consultants explain the anatomy and physiology of pain and why we experience it. With insight into the role of pain, we discuss how chronic pain may result from neurological change which our body interprets as a threat.

Both information exchange and practical exercises assist to better manage this pain. It builds confidence to increase activity, function and productivity without fear of further injury.

It is now known that understanding more about why things hurt can actually help treat pain. (Explain Pain)

WorkCover SA Recovery and Return to Work Awards 2012 This program was the basis of a WorkCover SA (now ReturnToWorkSA) Achievement Award for services delivered to individuals experiencing pain.

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