MindCare Coaching - Low-intensity mental health program

mindcare coaching

Supporting your mental wellbeing through a
low-intensity mental health program.

What is a low-intensity mental health program

The program offers up to eight sessions of mental health support and coaching developed to meet your individual needs and delivered by a specially trained MindCare Coach.

  • Coaches support individuals to achieve recovery and equip them with the understanding and self-management skills to maintain ongoing wellbeing
  • Sessions are flexibly delivered via face-to-face or telehealth methods such as Phone, Skype and Facetime.

Who can access MindCare Coaching

Any injured individual with a pending or accepted work injury claim can access the program provided they are:

  • not actively engaged with a psychologist or a psychiatrist on a regular basis
  • presenting with mild to moderate anxiety, depression or stress.

The program is also available to an identified support person (e.g. family member, must be over 16 years of age) who is actively supporting the injured individual’s recovery & return to work.

To access MindCare Coaching, approval will need to be given by the case manager.


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