Rehabilitation and Return to Work Services

rehabilitation and return to work services

We adopt an outcome-focussed, collaborative approach to assist individuals to achieve the earliest and safest possible rehabilitation and return to work.

We take a personalised approach to return to work. Our consultants will work with all parties to implement the best strategy for assisting the individual with the earliest safe and sustainable rehabilitation, return to work or restoration to the community.

At nb&a rehab, we invest heavily in the development of forward thinking assessments and services to complement our return to work services. This has seen the creation of The Best Practice Advisory Team within nb&a group. An initial assessment tool titled RTW Analysis has been developed which encompasses the World Health Organisation International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) together with best practice research articles for rehabilitation.

At the initial assessment, the RTW Analysis is used by our return to work consultants to capture all relevant information about an individual’s function such as:

  • Injury & treatment details (referencing ICF Impairment Ratings and The Readiness for Return to Work Scale)
  • Domains of activity and participation
  • Environment
  • Work and education

The Return to Work Analysis is supported by Goal Attainment and Scaling (GAS), a method by which goals are set and measured for outcomes. By using this in conjunction with the ICF, nb&a rehab is able to develop a robust, comprehensive and targeted return to work service. Our RTW Analysis tool underpins all return to work activities.

A number of our consultants are trained in the ‘Explain Pain’ program and utilise these educational and empowerment principles in return to work services.

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For further information about our Return to Work services please contact us via email using the link below, or telephone 08 8352 6344.

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