Mental health occupational therapy

mental health
occupational therapy

Back on Track is a unique program that utilises the skills and expertise of occupational therapists who specialise and are qualified in Mental Health and meet the Australian Competency Standards for Occupational Therapists in Mental Health.

Through the prescription of graded activities and tasks, Back on Track increases function, productivity and capacity of individuals who have experienced a mental health injury.

Back on Track:

  • is an intensive, in-home program, with contact every one to two weeks
  • involves goal setting and prescription of graded activities and tasks
  • uses immediate work hardening with home activities and tasks for return to work preparation (where applicable)
  • provides ongoing and frequent reporting and communication with key stakeholders
  • can work effectively in conjunction with other treating health professionals, general practitioner or psychiatrist, or as a standalone program.


Service available in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane

An individual may be suitable for Back on Track if they express:

  • an inability to function within their work, home, social or recreational environments
  • disinterest in managing their self-care
  • reduced coping with ordinary occupations at work or home
  • reliance upon alcohol to sleep
  • delayed sleep onset and/or frequent waking during the night
  • apathy towards engaging in usual activities of daily living
  • avoidance of friends and family, preferring to stay at home
  • an inability to self organise or perform usual roles at work and/or home
  • loss of “breadwinner” role
  • feelings of inadequacy, failure and loss of respect.
Back on Track - Mental Health Occupational Therapy

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