SISA 2017 Awards

Robert (Ian) Alderson - Winner, Outstanding Personal Achievement in Return to Work

Well done to all the nominees at the Awards presentation.

Robert (Ian) Alderson - Winner, Outstanding Personal Achievement in Return to Work

Ian suffered a leg injury which, after two years and multiple surgeries and complications, led to his leg being amputated below the knee.

For anyone, amputation of a limb would be a life-changing event; for a police officer in active service, it could have been the end of everything they knew about themselves. An injury of this magnitude impacts every aspect of their life, their family, their career – all the things we use to define ourselves.

One of the elements assessed during the judging process is the outcome for the nominee, their family, workmates and the employer. All of these people were heavily invested in Ian’s rehabilitation and supported him through the entire process. If you asked any one of them, we are certain they would tell the same story of a man who has displayed more determination and resilience than anyone would have thought possible. As for the outcome, after a very long, hard road with numerous setbacks, Ian exceeded all expectations.

Through his courage and perseverance, Ian has shown he is much bigger than his injury. He has achieved the ultimate goal and returned to active service as a police officer – something no one was entirely sure was even going to be possible. Ian has set the bar very high. We are still doing some research but Ian could be the first police officer in South Australia to achieve active service as an amputee!

Ian received a standing ovation at the Awards dinner and his impromptu speech left no one wondering just how much it meant it him to receive the award.

Congratulations again, Ian. We were honoured to work with you.