Helen Cane

Helen Cane
Mental Health Coach | Consultant

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Social Science
Master of Counselling Practice
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy trained


Delivering comprehensive care to clients is at the forefront of Helen’s work and she does so with an enviable compassion and expertise.

Helen is a versatile practitioner, and this stems largely from her multifaceted roles as a registered nurse, clinician and trainer and assessor. She gained invaluable knowledge and experience in delivering and managing services including performing high care nursing duties, completing patient assessments, supporting care worker education, devising personalised care plans and delivering training to students. From this basis, Helen brings a highly professional and thorough approach to her role as a coach and consultant.

A pivotal component of Helen’s work involves providing seamless communication and collaboration with clients and a spectrum of healthcare professionals. As a proactive manager of existing services and a catalyst in setting up new ones, Helen fosters enduring relationships with individuals, clients and families, ensuring that every aspect of the individual’s care journey is meticulously attended to.

Through dynamic interaction and a commitment to excellence, Helen endeavours to uphold the highest standards of service delivery in every facet of her work at nb&a.

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