Kate Collins
General Manager, Operations
NMAS Mediator
Trainer | MHFA Principal Master Instructor



The growth and success of our business requires continued provision of high-quality services made possible through strong leadership, strategic thinking and a comprehensive understanding of personal injury rehabilitation – and Kate brings all this and more to our organisation.

A natural leader, Kate provides considered guidance to all team members and fosters a positive and collaborative work environment. She is passionate about professional development and oversees the recruitment and training of employees. Setting expectations, monitoring performance and providing constructive feedback and coaching are integral to her leadership style.

Kate’s strategic planning and implementation skills ensure our programs, projects and initiatives are managed effectively, with a clear focus on achieving desired outcomes. She bridges communication across our teams and ensures alignment and shared objectives. Her work in financial management helps to support these outcomes and objectives and is essential for continued business sustainability.

Kate’s expertise extends to ensuring our organisation operates in strict adherence to client requirements, statutory regulations, professional standards and ethical obligations while also implementing and maintaining effective risk management across our business.

With an outstanding ability to foster strong, collaborative relationships, Kate is adept at building and nurturing partnerships with organisations, clients and team members. Further, Kate operates as an experienced and engaging trainer and instructor, delivering a variety of specialised courses and programs, as well as being a nationally accredited and skilled mediator, adding to her exceptional communication style and ability to build rapport, actively listen and deliver effective problem-solving initiatives.

Kate is a true leader and delights in guiding others to achieve their full potential.