Kate Cox, Occupational Therapist in Mental Health

Kate Cox
OT Mental Health |
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Brisbane-based consultant

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Occupational Therapy)


Building her foundation at the coalface of client care and management has given Kate an outstanding ability to recognise clients’ needs and expertly guide them through recovery.

Kate is an experienced mental health professional who brings a calm and measured approach to her interactions and focuses her energy on driving investment in change through counselling and behaviour strategies to enable her clients to accept and manage deviations in their life path.

Working from a knowledge perspective, Kate uses education and sound management practices, comprehensive evidence-based programs and development and delivery of education sessions, assistance programs and resources to build confidence in her clients and which support safe and sustainable capacity for participation in life and work roles.

All aspects of Kate’s work in the numerous facets of mental health in both public and private hospital settings, health services and private practice have provided her with broad experience in a rapidly changing environment and ensured she has the ability to engage with a wide variety of individuals, readily identify issues and implement the most relevant and suitable strategies to facilitate best practice–best outcome for her clients.

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Servicing metropolitan and regional Queensland