Natalija Duric

Natalija Duric
Recovery | Rehabilitation | RTW

Bachelor of Psychological Science
Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology
Conversations about Suicide trained


Natalija excels in analytical thinking and critical problem-solving, allowing her to navigate complex situations effectively and efficiently.

Utilising her extensive experience across multiple insurance schemes, Natalija specialises in vocational rehabilitation and is proficient at all aspects of return to work. She employs effective techniques to overcome barriers to reintegration to the workplace and community, with a particular focus on the biopsychosocial factors affecting recovery.

A highly skilled professional known for her exemplary communication and interpersonal abilities, Natalija is adept at working both autonomously and collaboratively as part of a multidisciplinary team. She demonstrates exceptional conflict resolution skills and brings a strong work ethic and organisational competence to her role, ensuring that she consistently delivers high-quality results for her clients.

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