Samantha (Sam) James, Rehabilitation Consultant

Samantha (Sam) James
Service Delivery Manager

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
ACT, Trauma Informed, MHFA trained
Motivational Interviewing
Return to Work Coordinator trained


Sam has a deep understanding of performance standards and client requirements, gained over a decade in her former role as a rehabilitation and return to work consultant. She continues her dedication to facilitating recovery and successful return to work of individuals while adhering to the highest industry standards in her work in service delivery.

Sam’s commitment to excellence extends beyond her own work, and she takes pride in developing the skills, expertise and knowledge of nb&a’s consultants by identifying gaps and aligning these to targeted professional development. She helps each individual reach their potential, contributing to our collective success.

A significant responsibility of Sam’s role is monitoring performance standards and ensuring our practices and outcomes consistently align with key requirements and expectations. Her attention to detail and dedication to best practice keep us on track and continuing to provide clients with exceptional service. Our own internal audits support our overall compliance requirements.

Sam plays a vital role in the growth and development of our team. This includes onboarding new staff, overseeing a comprehensive supervision program for new industry consultants and ensuring alignment with key performance indicators set by referring organisations. Our internal systems and financial integrity are also upheld through Sam’s diligent oversight.

This is a dynamic field and Sam sets a high standard for our team, a standard for which we are known and that results in the growth of our organisation and success and wellbeing of our clients.