Josh Bailey, Occupational Therapist

Josh Bailey
OT Mental & Physical Health |
Restoration | Assessments

Certificate IV in Youth Development
Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)
Mental Health First Aid trained
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy trained
Explain Pain trained
Trauma Informed Care trained
Serious Injury Care Coordination
Conversations about Suicide trained

A wealth of practical knowledge and experience guide Josh in his work which encompasses a broad range of clients with varying abilities and needs.

With a focus on maximising function, Josh applies a wide range of interventions including behavioural, task modification, equipment prescription and home modification to overcome occupational issues. He is skilled in the accurate assessment of tasks and risks, implementing prevention methods and making sound recommendations for health promotion.

Working in serious injury medical management enables Josh to further apply his extensive skills to support both the physical and psychological needs of his clients as they progress through their recovery. Josh embraces this incredibly rewarding role working with injured individuals, sometimes over long periods of time, drawing on all his skills and abilities to bring about recovery and positive change – and then championing their successes.

Josh’s experience as a physical occupational therapist is an asset which greatly assists him in his work with mental health occupational therapy clients, providing an added layer to his approach through an in-depth understanding of the individual’s experiences and functional limitations. Additionally, Josh draws on his knowledge of pain education to deliver superior insight and a grounding of the pain experience for his clients.

Sharing his knowledge with others in group and individual settings, Josh educates people in the role of occupational therapy, working on planning, preparation and practical intervention, as well as tailoring training to specific workplaces, industries and injuries.

Josh is a driven professional who is passionate about ensuring he continues to make a difference to the lives of individuals through his work.

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