about us

We maximise health, we restore function, we get people going again.


nb&a group was founded in 2003 with one single focus: to support and guide people on their path to recovery from injury and illness. It’s the reason we are here.

A passion for innovation

We seek new ideas and innovation that support a changing work environment. It means we have expertise and solutions to your unique needs.

A quick look at our people profiles demonstrates our ongoing commitment to professional development. We don’t just talk about innovation, we encourage learning every day.

The human side of recovery

It could be easy to get caught up in the process of claim management but there is always a human cost of injury. That’s why we have an uncompromising belief in the health benefits of good work, even when times are tough. It’s our role to navigate the complex to keep things simple and focused, with even the smallest step leading to greater social connection and wellbeing.

No single approach is right for every person, and that’s why we bring together expertise in a range of fields and apply a true multidisciplinary approach. From an initial conversation, we can create a program that gives you confidence.

We are well-known as experts in mental health but it’s more than that. It’s the benefit this expert knowledge brings to any injury or illness—we support the human side of recovery.

And this approach means we have the knowledge and expertise that build confidence and motivation to move forward.


Award-winning programs to support your unique story

Every client is unique, and we have developed end-to-end products and services to suit your needs.

Whether it is mental health or physical education programs, treatment or restoration following injury or illness, we can put together the right services for education, recovery and return to work.

We also provide training to organisations, informing their employees about prevention of mental health injuries, physical injuries and illness.


  • nb&a rehab
  • Back on Track Mental Health Occupational Therapy
  • Freedom to Move - Pain education
  • Adjusting to Change - Developing resilience
  • Mindcare Coaching - Low intensity mental health program