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Does your business have a designated Return to Work Coordinator?

All South Australian businesses that employ 30 or more workers (for three or more months) must have a return to work coordinator. This can be a staff member or an external provider – such as nb&a group.

We have been providing rehabilitation and return to work services to businesses since 2003. An award-winning provider, we combine expertise with proven tools and first-rate programs that support early and safe outcomes. We pride ourselves on our work with people to guide and support them following injury or illness.

As your return to work coordinator, we will manage all aspects of this key role in a collaborative and open manner. You will have access to a dedicated, experienced team of consultants who will work alongside you, navigating this complex process and ensuring you meet your obligations. And we always aim to meet and exceed your expectations.

Return to work coordinators play a key role in supporting people with a work injury to remain at or return to work. In collaboration with the person injured, employer and case manager, coordinators are responsible for developing and implementing return to work solutions such as:

  • monitoring the progress of the worker and their capacity to return to work
  • liaising with medical and return to work professionals
  • identifying and offering suitable duties
  • assisting to prepare and implement a recovery and return to work plan
  • taking steps to prevent the occurrence of further injuries.

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