rehabilitation and return to work services

Early and safe return to work with an outcome-focused, collaborative approach.

nb&a group combines expertise with proven tools that support early and safe outcomes. It means we work alongside the individual, employers and insurers and create strategies with the client in mind.

Our RTW Analysis adopts World Health Organization standards to assess injury, treatment, work and social environments. This delivers a clear baseline that drives our services and measures our results.

Ongoing professional development and a commitment to innovation means we have consultants with expertise in physical injury and mental health; and experience across industry sectors.

Every person has different needs, and each unique return to work program may combine:

  • early intervention
  • workplace assessments
  • graduated return to work
  • pain education and ergonomics training
  • vocational assessment and employment transition
  • self-management of long-term conditions
  • mental health specialist services.

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