our rehabilitation and return to work services

nb&a group provides the following rehabilitation and return to work services and specialist programs to help get individuals going again:


Return to Work Services

We adopt an outcome focussed, collaborative approach to assist individuals to achieve the earliest and safest possible rehabilitation and return to work.

Employment Transition

nb&a rehab offers comprehensive and supported rehabilitation services through all phases of job seeking.

Allied Health

Our allied health team consisting of experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists is able to provide a range of allied health services.

Life Insurance & Income Protection

Requiring specialist skills and training, this service focusses on achieving the best possible outcome by providing a durable and sustainable rehabilitation and return to work program based on medical condition and future working capacity.

Return to Work Coordinator

As your return to work coordinator, we will manage all aspects of this key role in a collaborative and open manner. You will have access to a dedicated, experienced team of consultants who will work alongside you, navigating this complex process and ensuring you meet your obligations.

Return to Work Coordinator Training

In partnership with ASC Training & Development, a registered training organisation, Return to Work Coordinator Training is delivered by nb&a group, experienced facilitators with outstanding expertise in return to work.

Mental Health Awareness Training

Using a facilitated discussion approach, we provide an overview of mental health and the skills to assist identify the early warning signs of a mental health problem. This program includes a summary of risk factors for adolescents including eating disorders.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Delivered by nb&a group’s accredited Master Trainer, Mental Health First Aid Training is the initial assistance given in a mental health crisis before medical treatment can be obtained.


Mental Health Occupational Therapy

Back on Track is a unique program that utilises the skills and expertise of occupational therapists who specialise and are qualified in Mental Health and meet the Australian Competency Standards for Occupational Therapists in Mental Health.

Adult ADHD Individual and Workplace Support

Occupational therapy can be a valuable and holistic approach for assisting adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder in managing their mental health, as well as for employers managing this in the workplace.

MindCare Coaching

A mental health support service providing face-to-face and telephone-based support and coaching from our trained cognitive behaviour therapy coaches.

Mental Health Task Analysis

Mental Health Task Analysis provides individuals, employers, case managers and treating health professionals with valuable information about the environment and the demands of tasks from a mental health and cognitive perspective.

Workplace Training

Essential training in mental health, wellbeing and resilience and workforce development delivered by qualified trainers and consultants to assist individuals and organisations to build a healthy workplace culture.

Self-management of Long-term Conditions

People with chronic health conditions have different needs to those with acute health problems such as a broken limb or a strained muscle. The most effective way to manage chronic conditions is a collaborative approach between the individual, their doctor and health professionals.

Self-management Through Pain Education

Freedom to Move Pain Education is nb&a group’s unique pain education program. Freedom to Move is based on the principles of David Butler and Lorimer Moseley’s research on the neuroscience of pain and the book 'Explain Pain'.

Adjusting to Change Program

Using Acceptance and Commitment Theory principles, Adjusting to Change assists individuals in their preparedness for change of employment, from pre injury to new employment.