Know how to help
in a mental health crisis?

Mental Health First Aid courses now available.

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Need extra support right now?

MindCare Coaching is available immediately to all clients.

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Know how to help
in a mental health crisis?

Mental Health First Aid courses now available.

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  • Back on Track Mental Health Occupational Therapy
  • Freedom to Move - Pain education
  • Adjusting to Change - Developing resilience
  • Mindcare Coaching - Low intensity mental health program

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happy 18th birthday nb&a group...



What a milestone! From starting as a home-based business 18 years ago to now having this multi-talented team and loyal staff, Natalie believes nb&a’s success lies in the organisation’s core principles combined with an innovative, forward-thinking approach—values which each individual upholds and are at the centre of everything we do.

The team celebrated with a fun night out engaging their creative side through art.


Training with nb&a - information and upcoming sessions

How do you and your organisation manage mental health first aid? Are you aware of resilience training and the benefits? Do you require manual handling or ergonomic training?

We offer training options and support employers to build happy, healthy workplaces. Training can be customised to your needs.

Learn about our workplace training.

Know what to do in a mental health crisis?

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This two-day training teaches you how to give first aid to an individual who is experiencing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. It is the initial assistance before medical treatment can be obtained. Learn how to help someone today - their life could depend on it!

Also available: Mental Health First Aid Refresher

Discover our Mental Health First Aid training options.

Return to Work Coordinator

Does your business have a designated Return to Work Coordinator? All South Australian businesses that employ 30 or more workers (for three or more months) must have a return to work coordinator. This can be a staff member or an external provider – such as nb&a group.

As your return to work coordinator, we will manage all aspects of this key role in a collaborative and open manner. You will have access to a dedicated, experienced team of consultants who will work alongside you, navigating this complex process and ensuring you meet your obligations.

Let us do the hard work for you.


Professional development

Professional development has kicked off again at nb&a with a focus on honing our counselling skills. We will conduct a series of four workshops which will include both theory and practical work. Upskilling is a priority for our consultants. During the first half of this year, they also undertook further training in Explain Pain, Trauma Informed Care and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

We are also trialling online training in Occupational Rehabilitation and Suicidality to assess if we roll this out throughout nb&a as part of our upskilling.


SISA logo

Thanks to Self Insurers of South Australia (SISA) for the feature as an Associate Member in the SISA Newsletter, showcasing our services and why we do what we do. We believe we have a different approach to rehab and this opportunity enabled us to share with the SISA members just some of the ways we work with injured individuals.

Read the article about our contemporary approach to recovery and return to work.

A different therapy approach

Staff with horses

Here is consultant Alicia Prior with Spot, an equine therapy horse, checking in on good mental health. Alicia recently took a client to A Stable Life to find out more about equine therapy, an excellent therapy option which is commonly used in the US and now gaining traction here in SA.

Read Natalie Bottroff's brief article about equine therapy and see photos from our team visit.


Blended Online MHFA Community

MHFA's 100% online accredited course.

picture of laptop

While we love face-to-face delivery, the online course has provided an excellent way to continue to upskill.

Changing it up

We decided to give Teams a miss recently and ran our employment transition team meeting in a local park – a much nicer environment for getting together.

outdoor meeting

We enjoyed it so much that we will also be conducting our file reviews from different outdoor locations.

Career opportunities

We are always on the lookout for physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists and rehabilitation consultants. If this is you and you have an interest in our industry and/or working for our company, please contact us to discuss what opportunities may currently be available.

Player Welfare Program

Walk a Mile

Natalie is proud to be a part of Goodwood Saints Football Club Player Welfare Program as Mindcare Coach, triaging mental health referrals for players, past and present, to the right services. She joins an experienced team looking after mental health for youth and young and mature adults. Goodwood Saints are leading the way again, on and off the field, showing that their people matter.

Welcome Lucy Martin

Lucy Martin

We are pleased to welcome Lucy Martin to our experienced team of Recovery and Return to Work Consultants.

Lucy has a wealth of knowledge in the science of human behaviour and brings valuable insight into why people act and feel the way they do to her work with individuals.

Read more about Lucy Martin in her profile.


Biggest Morning Tea

nb&a are proud to support this initiative to help Cancer Council raise much needed funds for vital cancer research, support services, prevention programs and advocacy.

Donations are most welcome.

Feedback Friday


Being commended for the professionalism of our consultants means so much as a business owner. Excellent work, Julianne!

Read about Julianne in her profile.