Adjusting to Change Program

adjusting to change

When the impact of injury, illness or other life event means change, finding the path forward can require specialist support. Change, whether positive or negative, requires adjustment.

Change, whether positive or negative, requires adjustment and that can be overwhelming. Even more so when injury or illness leads to loss of function and loss of job. That’s where Adjusting to Change can assist.

Delivered by consultants using Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT), the program guides an individual to accept and move forward through changed circumstances.

An individual becomes ready to take the step towards new employment and job seeking, adopting their own personal motivation.

Every person has different needs and each unique program is delivered in three stages over a period of five to eight sessions:

  • Phase 1 – Introduction: Insight into barriers and changes since injury and an individual’s perception of their response to change
  • Phase 2 – Education to Committed Action: They adjust to the changes and find a personal motivation to move forward which enables goal setting and taking action
  • Phase 3 – Job Seeking: An individual proactively engages in activities to find work while using the skills and insights gained in phases 1 and 2. It means a resilient, focused approach.

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