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Supporting local charities to raise funds and awareness of the issues people are facing in South Australia.

Giving back to our community is a huge part of who we are as a company at nb&a and is at the heart of soul of our core values. We are pleased to support others in a variety of ways throughout the year, finishing with our internal Charity Christmas Raffle in December.


This year, we have chosen the Stillbirth Foundation Australia as our charity. Six babies each day are born stillborn in Australia. That is six families who endure the heartache of going through labour and delivery only to then have to say goodbye to their child.

Michelle McCranor and her husband, Tim, had a stillborn baby girl, Celeste, in 2001. Michelle is a fabulous and passionate woman who will be running from Adelaide to Port Melbourne in November to raise much needed funds for the Stillbirth Foundation Australia.

While this topic may bring tears to your eyes, it is important to raise awareness and funds for research to help find out why stillbirth occurs as there is still a lot that is unknown about the cause.

Michelle has shared her story and hopes to raise money to help reduce the stillbirth statistics. Please take a few minutes to read about her journey and donate if you can.


During December, staff members and their families can purchase tickets to win prizes in our Christmas Charity Raffle, with nb&a group matching the amount raised by the staff – dollar for dollar! The funds are then donated to a local charity. This year, we have chosen Backpacks 4 SA Kids as our Christmas charity. Please visit their website and see all the amazing things they do for children of all ages including families in domestic violence situations.

During a recent office tidy up, we found over 50 conference satchels left over from a past conference. The bags are sturdy with zips, pockets, straps etc. We reached out to BP4SAK to see if the bags could be of use to them – and we were thrilled to hear that they would be perfect for their Anchor Packs program.If you are in the conference industry and have some backpacks/satchels laying around, or wish to help in other ways, please visit their website to see how you can assist them.

Find out more about Backpacks 4 SA Kids.


nb&a participated in Walk a Mile this year, raising much needed funds for Hutt St Centre – a local charity where Natalie has been a volunteer for a number of years, helping individuals in South Australia facing homelessness.

From Natalie: ‘When I suggested to the team at nb&a that we again participate in Walk a Mile, there was an overwhelming and quick response. Outside of work, our team are familiar with volunteering and fundraising and are involved in various community organisations including CFS, Backpacks 4 SA Kids, Cos We Care and also local sporting clubs. I have learnt from my own volunteering at Hutt St that there is a very fine line between being homeless and not, and it’s not our role to judge why someone is homeless. Both myself and the team are looking forward to "walking a mile" (actually 2.5 km) to raise money for Hutt St Centre and continue to support a variety of charities that we resonate with.’