nb&a group is very proud to support a number of charities and not for profit organisations. We wish them all the very best in their endeavours.


Pain Revolution

A seven-day cycle tour led by some of Australia's leading pain scientists and clinicians who are taking on their own physical challenge, riding their bikes from Devonport to Hobart, Tasmania. The team will be stopping in rural centres en route to discuss the latest discoveries and learn from clinicians and communities who are facing the issue of persisting pain every day. We are proud to support Professor Lorimer Moseley and this group in their challenge and to help spread the message about overcoming and preventing persisting pain.


Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation

The Razzamatazz Variety Show offers an opportunity for local children living with serious illnessess and disabilities to just be kids for a little while and enjoy a fun outing together. There's not much better reward than putting a smile on a child's face and wedelight in supporting the show and giving the kids a chance to have a laugh.

DEBRA Australia Ltd

A not-for-profit volunteer based organisation, DEBRA Australia Ltd relies on donations and grants to enable them to provide quality support and medical care, drive effective development of treatments and search for a cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare and debilitating skin disease. Known as 'butterfly kids', children suffering from EB have extremely delicate skin, said to resemble the delicate wings of a butterfly, and are in constant pain. We support DEBRA Australia Ltd in their endeavour to raise awareness and much needed funds to allow their fabulous work to continue.

Hutt St Centre

Hutt St Centre is a place of hope and opportunity, helping people facing homelessness to rebuild their lives, without judgement. As part of our social responsibility to the community, nb&a recently provided meals for a day at Hutt St Centre. This meant 200 people experiencing homelessness were given filling, tasty and nutritious meals in a safe and welcoming environment.

Northern Domestic Violence Service

NDVS is a community based, not for profit organistion providing support and assistance to women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. Their vision is for women and children affected by domestic and family violence to receive high quality 'wrap around' support services. They provide early intervention and prevention programs, direct service support and an extensive outreach service to make contact with families as easy and safe as possible.

Hope's Room

Hope’s Room Ltd provides peer support for families suffering stress, depression or anxiety in the perinatal period.  Our trained peer support workers run peer support groups that allow parents to share their stories of perinatal mental illness in a safe and respectful environment. Hope’s Room Ltd is an advocate of understanding and compassion, so we also organise community events that raise awareness of the issue of perinatal mental illness, including our annual Trivia Night, nights at the theatre and a soon to be announced Guinness World Records attempt.

Daniel Morcombe Foundation Inc

The foundation sees its role in the community as assisting educators and parents in the education of children about their personal safety by funding the development of child safety educational resources; assisting young victimsof crime through financial support, in addition to that provided by Government agencies; and empowering all Australians to make their own local communities safer places for children.

Resources are funded through a mix of foundation funds and partnership arrangements with corporate or government support. We empower local communities by supplying these educational tools and resources FREE Australia wide. The Foundation is also committed to assisting young people who are victims of crime in a way that will make a positive difference to their lives. (The beneficiaries of this support cannot be identified for privacy and safety reasons.) These young survivors of crime have been assisted by the Foundation in a number of ways, mostly identified by case managers and psychologists.

Beyond the Darkness Postie Run

A group of mates decided it would be a good idea to ride the trusty and hopefully reliable ‘Postie’ bike (Honda CT110) from Strathalbyn to Darwin, a distance of 4,200kms. If that wasn’t challenging enough, they headed off the bitumen to tackle the Oodnadatta track. The lads grew up in Strathalbyn where the suicide rate is 3 - 4 times higher than the national average and they have all been touched by mental illness in some way. As such, the purpose of the ride is to raise money for beyondblue.

KickStart for Kids

KickStart for Kids is aimed at helping ‘at risk’ primary school children in South Australia through breakfast programs, positive mentoring and increasing self-esteem. KickStart provides breakfasts and lunches to 120 schools in north, south and western areas of Adelaide. Presently, KickStart provides around 20,000 breakfasts per week to disadvantaged children in SA. In addition, they have approximately 80 mentors working in schools around Adelaide. The mentors spend an hour a week with a child who is at risk of disengaging from the education system, or needs a significant adult in their life. The mentors aim to make a positive difference in the children’s lives and to increase their self-esteem.

Sunrise Children's Villages

Orphaned, abandoned, vulnerable and disadvantaged children across Cambodia are provided with a home, education and medical care through Sunrise Children's Villages (SCV). Three villages are now in operation with one being a unique centre caring for more than 200 HIV affected children. SCV has a robust reintegration policy in place and, where possible, through support and close monitoring, creates environments where children under their residential care can be safely reintegrated back into a natural family home.