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Vale Professor Sir Mansel Aylward

Sir Mansel’s life’s work focus was that ‘work is good for your health’. At nb&a, we will keep his banner flying high.

I had the wonderful fortune to spend time and learn from Professor Sir Mansel Aylward both here in Australia and in Wales at the Cardiff University.

Sir Mansel’s life’s work focus that ‘work is good for your health’ and all the evidence of his research promotes that the most important part of the biopsychosocial model is the ‘social context’, however we know the biological component still weighs heavily in to the psyche of many clinicians.

Carolyn Mounce and I were fortunate to have Sir Mansel write the foreword for our book On the Front Foot. Here are a few words of his powerful wisdom:

‘How people think and feel about their health problems determines
how they deal with them and their impact.’

Sir Mansel, the world will be less rich without your wisdom leading it. Your life work will live on in other’s passion knowing that ‘work is good for our health’ and that the social context is the important part of the biopsychosocial model. Our world will be less fortunate, but the work you have done will continue to live on.

We will keep Sir Mansel’s banner flying high at nb&a.

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