Megan Jenkin, Rehabilitation Consultant

Lucy Karvonen
Return to Work Consultant

Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Mental Health First Aid trained


Optimum health is a key driver for Lucy who supports clients to achieve their return to work goals through educating and involving them in their rehabilitation, increasing their investment in their own wellbeing.

Lucy’s work in health care and case management, both locally and overseas, has given her broad and varied experience when it comes to client-centred care. Her skills as a physiotherapist, combined with her clinical reasoning and knowledge, further direct her work and afford Lucy excellent insight into the most effective methods for each client to facilitate recovery and return to work. She encourages and supports clients through setting attainable return to work plans and programs which promote best possible outcomes for the individual.

Lucy’s exceptional rapport-building skills engender sound working relationships with all parties and enhance her work with clients by collaborative promotion of realistic goals and sustainable results.

A motivated and positive consultant, Lucy truly listens to her clients and champions their recovery from injury or illness.

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