Lucy Martin, Rehabilitation Consultant

Lucy Martin
Registered Psychologist |
Vocational Assessor

Master of Psychology (Organisational & Human Factors)
Facilitator, Adjusting to Change
Facilitator, Freedom to Move
Mental Health First Aid trained
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy trained
Return to Work Coordinator trained


Lucy has a wealth of knowledge in the science of human behaviour and brings valuable insight into why people act and feel the way they do to her work with individuals.

Focused on supporting people experiencing loss, trauma, crisis and conditions of mental health, Lucy understands and explores the psychological barriers to, and specific drivers of, recovery and return to work. Her ability to foster engagement and motivate people on their wellbeing journey are core aims of her outcome-focused approach. Lucy engages individuals through education and normalisation of their emotional and physical responses which then clears a path to maximise their opportunity to thrive.

Giving back to the community is another important aspect of Lucy’s desire to use her knowledge and skills to assist others. She has volunteered both locally and overseas, supporting individuals and communities in need, and currently volunteers as a crisis supporter for Lifeline.

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