Natalie Lowes

Natalie Lowes
Occupational Therapist

Master of Occupational Therapy
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
Conversations about Suicide trained


With a bright and cheerful nature and a strong commitment to her field of expertise, Natalie is a driven and eager consultant with a robust skill set and profound understanding of occupational therapy practices.

Natalie has a demonstrated adeptness in collaborating within multidisciplinary teams, enhanced through clinical placements in brain injury rehabilitation and paediatric care settings. She has a sound ability to assess patients’ functional capacities and tailor individualised treatment plans. Whether conducting initial assessments, utilising tools such as Beery VMI and Sensory Profiles or crafting visual support resources, Natalie consistently prioritises patient-centred care with a focus on attention to detail and the unique needs of those she works with.

Natalie possesses excellent communication and time management skills, and she combines these with her clinical knowledge and experience to ensure positive and lasting results for her clients. She is determined to make meaningful contributions to the field of occupational therapy over the course of her professional career.

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